An Extra Spoon

Song & Lyrics


© 2017
Lyricist: Dennis R.
Genre: Soft Rock
Theme: Story


My wife shared our song ‘An Extra Spoon’ with a friend of hers who has a severe chronic illness. She said it was like the song was written for her and the people in her world. She was very touched. It’s like you said, if we can make a difference in one person’s life (in this case, showing we understand a little and believe her when she tells us how she feels) then it is all worth it. That takes a combination of words, music and singer; I think it came together well. Thanks again and please pass on my great appreciation to the singer (everyone thinks she did an awesome job conveying the feelings and has a wonderful voice).
— Dennis R. (Wheaton, IL)

Story Behind the Song

An Extra Spoon was written in a way that shows how all people are capable of being compassionate humans. It takes you on a journey about how we are so often consumed with our own busy lives that we can forget about taking the time to help others. Having that ‘extra spoon’ is our opportunity to help others with whatever they need—be it food, shelter, love, an open ear, or a shoulder to cry on.

An Extra Spoon

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