A Second Chance

Song & Lyrics


© 2017
Lyricist: Kathy R.
Genre: Acoustic Piano/Guitar
Theme: Love


Wow! Seriously so beautiful, I absolutely love it!!! Thanks again for all your help. It was an amazing journey putting my feelings down in paper and then having them come alive in the music. He was very surprised and he absolutely loved it! It even brought him to tears which I have never witnessed before. It was such an intimate and emotional moment for us both. Finally sharing how much he means to me and his recognition of those feelings was incredible. Thank you for making it possible and for helping make my words come to life.
— Kathy R. (Duncan, SC)

Story Behind the Song

In her own words ‘sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’ The couple waited for over a decade to before they reconnected and it was worth the wait. The lyricist wrote this song and it tells about their story.

A Second Chance

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