Baby You’re a Phoenix

Song & Lyrics


© 2015
Lyricist: Rachel S.
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Theme: Inspirational


I have to confess I was very nervous to press play. What if I didn’t like it? Then what? But I was more than relieved upon listening. I’ve listened many times over, and the more I’ve listened to it the more I’ve fallen for it! It’s got a great vibe to it. Trying to put my finger on it and haven’t yet, of exactly what it reminds me of...70s soft rock maybe with a bit of country influx? But yes! The Composer did a great job. And I can’t believe how quickly it was done! Great choice on the vocalist. Everyone involved in this project is extremely talented. You do amazing work. Thank you again. So exciting to hear it coming to life!
— Rachel R. (Mansfield, MA)

Story Behind the Song

This song sends a powerful message to the listener about how regardless of how difficult times can get, one should always remember the power you possess inside. Essentially how a Phoenix can rise from the ashes—and so can you.

Baby You're a Phoenix

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