Song & Lyrics


© 2014
Lyricist: Dennis R.
Genre: Jazz/Big Band
Theme: Story


The melody and the signer were perfect. Love the song! The singer you chose has an amazing voice- powerful but with tenderness and control. As I said before, the melody is perfect and you captured what I was looking for. Perfect, terrific, love it! You captured the feel perfectly. Thanks again!
— Dennis R. (Wheaton, IL)

Story Behind the Song

Bluebird was a song written from brother to sister. The lyricist told us that his sister “is the bluebird of our family, always there whether times are good or bad. Our father was a big Al Jolson fan, and her favorite song by Jolson is "April Showers"; in that song, Jolson sings about looking for a bluebird and listening for her song when April showers come along.” The lyricist creatively used the bluebird reference to tie in to the song he wrote for her.


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