Bottle of Wine

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© 2017
Lyricist: Linda F.
Genre: Pop
Theme: Relationship


What can I say... you guys did it again, outstanding job. I am so pleased with the way this song turned out! It definitely has the 80’s feel to it. I just love the chorus it gave me a feeling of contentment and relief, as if for the first time I was taking my first deep breath of fresh, new, air. Although the lyrics are a little sad as you mentioned, it’s actually a happy song. Your musical production along with your amazing vocalist brought that feeling right through, not to mention that saxophone player was AMAZING!!! So again, I thank you for producing my song and bringing it to life. I am super pleased and can’t stop playing it. This is not the last that you will hear from me David. Who knows... maybe I will have enough songs one day to have my own CD (lol), Thank you again - I appreciate the service you provide and thank your production staff on my behalf as well. Because we all know its a team effort and you are blessed with a great team..
— Linda F. (Montebello, Canada)

Story Behind the Song

The song Bottle of Wine is a song about being in a relationship then trying to get over it once it’s over. The lyricist said “I was at a different stage in my life when I wrote When I Dream (previously produced song). That song was a girl holding onto a ray of hope, that light at the end of the tunnel. She still yearned to be close to the man she loved even if it was only in her dreams. Two years later I wrote this song Bottle of Wine about that same man, only now I feel that I have broken the emotional chains that I carried around for such a long time. It’s as if there is a deep sigh of relief and acceptance to the ending of that chapter in my life with this song! This song was inspired by him - although this song is more about me and just letting go.”

Bottle of Wine

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