Can’t Make You

Song & Lyrics


© 2018
Lyricist: Sonya W.
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Theme: Relationship


Thank you for this song! The music captures the story perfectly. Thank you again for a cool experience. I think the sound is awesome! I cant really explain the feeling I get when I hear the lyrics set to music. Such a great job!!! Fun and thank you again! I fully believe in Songmaker for making a desire turn into a reality! Really cool.
— Sonya W. (Victor, CA)

Story Behind the Song

The lyricist says “I wanted to express the lack of control and the built up frustration felt when one partner in the relationship is depressed, and how that attitude can flip back and forth between partners. I guess we all go through being the ‘negative’ partner now and again. We can make suggestions to the person we care about, but we can’t make them change their attitude!!” Overall, the song tells the story of a relationship in turmoil.

Can't Make You

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