Song & Lyrics


© 2015
Lyricist: H. John Krueger
Genre: Pop
Theme: Story


Great choice for the female vocalist! She sings it with so much emotion that when I listen to it I feel the sadness that a family may feel if drugs took one of their loved ones away. This is Annie’s favorite. She says that she loves the words and she did even before I submitted them for this song but in her words she said that the emotion is made even stronger because of the feelings she puts into it. One my golfing buddies told me after listening to it on my cell phone in Florida that every school in America should use it to help teach about the perils of using illegal drugs!
— John K. (Heartland, WI)

Story Behind the Song

The lyricist states “in a time when you are reading about more and more deaths from illegal drugs, this song is a plea for people to open up their eyes and realize how seriously sad it is. The pressure of life is not a good reason to try and escape it.” This song takes you on a journey through the way in which illegal drugs have played a prevalent role in American culture in the past several years.


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