Forever with the Angels

Song & Lyrics


© 2015
Lyricist: Edward B.
Genre: Soft Rock
Theme: Memorial/Remembrance


Wow. That sounds beautiful Dave. I do love it. Got the right beat and sound I was looking for. The song is beautiful. Thank you very much.
— Edward B. (Gibbstwon, NJ)

Story Behind the Song

This lyricist worked in a rehab and met a lot of special people in recovery. There was one though, who turned out to be very special. A beautiful, young, woman who had a way of lighting up a room with her smile and spirit. He formed a special bond with her and with her family who would come to visit. Unfortunately, soon after getting out of the program, she relapsed, overdosed, and passed away. He was overcome with grief and felt he needed to do something for the family that he’d become so close to. Something that would convey the terrible sadness of the situation, but also something positive, for the people whose lives she touched. So he wrote these beautiful words. We were honored to put music to them.

Forever With the Angels

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