Forever and a Night

Song & Lyrics


© 2013
Lyricist: Neil T.
Genre: Soft Rock
Theme: Anniversary


If her reaction is anywhere close to mine, she will love it. You definitely took into account my minimalist and jazz preferences and that’s very much appreciated. The mood of the song is spot on from what I wanted. Please thank your singers for me as well. They pulled the melody together in a way that will be easy for us to sing together when the time is right. After things settle down for me at work, I have a couple more poems I’ll need help with.
— Neil T. (Chicago, IL)

Story Behind the Song

Forever and a Night was a loving poem a man penned for his wife before they were married years ago. He thought making his poem into a song and giving it to her on their anniversary years later would make an excellent gift.

Forever and a Night

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