From Your Soldier

Song & Lyrics


© 2015
Lyricist: Pat B.
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Theme: Inspirational


I could see my son trying to hold back when he heard the song and realized the words were his. My daughter cried through the whole song. He really loves it. Thanks again, these songs have really been the best thing I came across as emotional gifts. I find this concept to be a very unique gift that lasts a lifetime, a memory that lasts forever.
— Pat B. (Orlando, FL)

Story Behind the Song

The song, From Your Soldier, was written as a poem for a mother from a soldier going off to boot camp. He discusses some struggles in his life but wanted to make sure his mom knew he was moving on to a new path in his life. He wanted to make sure he asked her one question, but in the most emotional way possible, he wanted to ask her, if he made her proud.

From Your Soldier

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