Glory Bound

Song & Lyrics


© 2015
Lyricist: Tom L.
Genre: Country/Modern Country
Theme: Memorial/Remembrance


I went into my little bathroom with the door shut, lights off and waited till I was perfectly calm. I turned on my tablet, sat back, and took it all in. As the song played, and my son’s story was told, I could no longer control my emotions and I started to cry. I have cried a lot since that June morning 2014, but this time I cried with pride. With your help, we’ve created a sincere and touching song that I can share with people for the rest of my life. Thank you to Songmaker for helping create a gift to a wonderful young man, my son.
— Tom L. (Ohio)

Story Behind the Song

Glory Bound was written by a grieving father after losing his son in a tragic accident. His son was a star athlete and headed to college in the fall. It is a nightmare that no parent wants to live. The father was trying to process the emotions of the loss of his son. He found value in the process of creating songs as a part of his healing. Through this song, he expresses his emotional loss and the feelings that he felt in the time after his passing. His son donated his organs and the lyricist has been using the song as an inspirational message for an organ donation charity.

Glory Bound

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