Growing Up Lisa

Song & Lyrics


© 2015
Lyricist: Stephen S.
Genre: Soft Rock
Theme: Wedding


The song went over well. My daughter loved it. And so did my wife, as well as others in the family. And yes, the wedding band as well! Thank you for spending the time with me to make sure it was what I wanted. You are the experts… and I’ll be back for when my other two daughters are ready to get married! Thanks again for a job well done.
— Stephen S. (Franklinville, NJ)

Story Behind the Song

Growing Up Lisa was written by a father looking to find a song for the Daddy/Daughter dance for her wedding. Lisa was his first of three daughters to get married. He searched the internet for songs… wedding sites, etc., that could give him some ideas. He said he found a lot of songs that Fathers have used, but none of them (he felt) conveyed want he wanted to say to her. So after many months of prodding by his better half, he said “I can’t find anything”! Then she said back to him “well why don’t you write it yourself”! And a lightbulb went off. After working with him over the phone, we came up with the sound he wanted for the words he had penned.

Growing Up Lisa

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