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Our History


Like many companies, YourSongmaker, started with a dream. Only in our case, we mean that literally. Back in 2007, our founder and CEO, David Hawkins, had a dream one night. A dream in which he imagined he was creating high quality songs for the everyday person using their own words. Thus, the idea of composing music for everyday people who have words, stories, poems, or lyrics emerged. In late 2007, the business launched originally as Make Your Poem A Song which later became YourSongmaker, a subsidy of Songmaker Productions, LLC. Since the conception of this company, there have been many other companies trying to offer similar services, however, YourSongmaker is the original company specializing in working with people who are not musicians and thus has become a leader in the industry. Visit our Featured Songs page and our Experience page to hear directly from some of our clients.


Our Mission

At YourSongmaker, our mission is to provide you with a high quality custom song that expresses your desired emotions through the power of music using your own words or story.

Our Beliefs

We believe that providing our clients with what they want is a founding principle.  We believe in quality, respect, uniqueness, and service. 

  • Quality- providing you with a high quality song

  • Respect- respecting your story or your words and the meaning they hold for you

  • Uniqueness- providing you with a song that is yours and catered to you and only you

  • Service- providing you with as much assistance as you need to get your song to the final stage    


 Our Promise

We understand that writing a song is a very personal undertaking and we strive to capture that emotion in every song that we do. Your song will be one-of-a-kind! We promise that you will communicate directly with an executive producer to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.