I Am Yours

Song & Lyrics


© 2019
Lyricist: Sonya W.
Genre: Soft Rock
Theme: Love


Beautiful! I’m so please with the final song. It’s even more beautiful than I hoped :) I especially love the way she matches her inflection to certain words like “weak” and how she how she chose to “hold” the section “held in your truth.” Adds extra meaning to the words. Brilliantly put together and moving. I’m going to share it with friends and family right away. Thank you again David! 
— Sonya W. (Victor, CA)

Story Behind the Song

I Am Yours was written by a lyricist who wanted to tell the story of finding your true love. The song unfolds how prior to the relationship, the woman was lost. Once she connected with her love, she felt complete and therefore gave herself completely as well. It’s a beautiful story that will bring tears to your eyes.

I am Yours

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