In My Mother’s Eyes

Song & Lyrics

YourSongmaker Vocals


© 2019
Lyricist: Tim U.
Genre: Soft Rock
Theme: Story


It was really special. We had several members of the family present and there were no dry eyes in the house. She listened to it 8 times that night and said it was the best present I have ever given her. Thanks for all of your help! It’s an experience like no other.
— Tim U. (Chicago, IL)

Story Behind the Song

The song, In My Mother’s Eyes, was described by the lyricist as “a short version of my mother's story from my birth to today.” The lyricist further went on to explain that his mother is in chronic pain, bed ridden, and often feels that people don't understand her pain. This song attempts to write something for her that would not only express his emotions of love for her, but to show her empathy. Additionally, the song represents his feelings of helplessness when it comes to her pain. YourSongmaker composed the song and the lyricist opted to also have an instrumental version made so that he could take it to his local church to sing and record it in their music studio. When the lyricist presented the song to his mother, there was not a dry eye in the room and the love was so deeply felt by all present.

In My Mother's Eyes

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