I Try to Be Myself

Song & Lyrics


© 2015
Lyricist: Kathleen B.
Genre: Pop
Theme: Inspirational


LOVE IT!!! you guys are amazing. I really think she’s going to be blown away, as am I. Thank you so much! I’m so excited for her. This will lift her so high! I must have listened to the song a thousand times and wanted to share with you how we’ll bring it to life for our daughter. First off, you and your team are absolute magic, seriously. Warm and emotional, yet strong and clear. Y’all really outdid yourselves. We made a YouTube video of her with her friends in it. Her song playing in the background”
— Kathleen B. (Anchorage, AK)

Story Behind the Song

When a mother looked over her daughters shoulder and saw her writing a poem, they had a talk. Turns out, the girl was being bulled at school, just because she was being herself. The girl’s poem talks about her just wanting to be herself. Unfortunately, the other girls bulled her because of it. Unknown to the girl, her mother took a picture of the poem and decided that she would turn it into a song for her daughter. Further, her parents prepared a video with all of her friends and the song playing in the background. On Christmas morning, her parents showed her the video and the she was so surprised to find out that she was the one who wrote the song.

I Try to Be Myself

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