Ken and Rona’s Creed

Song & Lyrics


© 2018
Lyricist: Heather C.
Genre: Soft Rock
Theme: Love


I’ve listened to the song last night and many many times this morning. I love the beginning. It sways, sounds sultry and romantic and captures their love. Thanks so much for the extra effort on this. My parents are going to love it. It’s awesome! Thanks again for making this whole experience enjoyable again!
— Heather C. (Stratham, NH)

Story Behind the Song

The lyricist stated “You guys wrote a song for me for our daughter’s 30th birthday, 3 years ago (McKenna). It was memorable beyond words. I’m back to try another song, this time for my parents 40th anniversary.” She further explained that there are seven siblings in this family and that they wanted to do something different for their parents for their anniversary. Their mom was an investigative reporter - and they wanted to make a song reflecting the sayings they used to tell them, and how to be in an enjoyable marriage.  

Ken and Rona's Creed

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