Letting Go

Song & Lyrics


© 2016
Lyricist: Moshe S.
Genre: Acoustic Piano/Guitar
Theme: Love


OMG OMG OMG!!! Sorry lol but I’m at a loss for words!! Ok let me try again!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! In my wildest dreams I did not imagine it to turn out this gorgeous. This song is everything I wanted it to be. It brings me to tears in a good way and its exactly the emotion I wanted to feel. The tune and voice is magnificent. You knew exactly what I wanted and are proving to do your job as well as you said you would!
— Moshe S. (Brooklyn, NY)

Story Behind the Song

This is a story of true love. The lyricist gave the song to her husband for his birthday. She said he could hardly contain his emotion. The song embraces their relationship. She and her husband married under the terms of an arranged marriage and they both admit that sometimes that takes a little while to get to know the person that you are with. This song is a beautiful story of them working it out, finding each other, and falling in love.

Letting Go

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