Live Inspired

Song & Lyrics


© 2017
Lyricist: John O’Leary & David Hawkins
Genre: Pop
Theme: Inspirational


Really great! The song sounds great. Thank you for writing the song and putting my words to music! It’s amazing that a company can take someone’s words and make them sound like a real song!
— John O’Leary (St. Louis, MO)

Story Behind the Song

Live Inspired was written using the words of John O’Leary’s book “On Fire” with the objective to inspire people in all aspects of their lives. The song brought to life through music what John was saying in the written word. John asks the question—how do you live an inspired life? Based on his own story of resilience, John strives to inspire those around him. His words encourage people to choose their own path and transform their lives in a powerful way. This song is empowering, inspiring, and heartfelt.

Live Inspired

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