Mind Your Own Business

Song & Lyrics


© 2018
Lyricist: David Hawkins & Frank B.
Genre: Country/Modern Country
Theme: Jingle


I never thought I could have my life story and the game I invented be so well told in a song! It’s amazing that you wrote the lyrics to my song and produced the entire song based off of a interview you watched from me discussing my life. Incredible! I love you and I love YourSongmaker.com! Thank you!!!!!
— Frank B. (Warminster, PA)

Story Behind the Song

The lyricist of the song, Mind Your Own Business, created the song as a jingle for his board game also entitled, Mind Your Own Business. The board game was developed to teach young people how to handle money. The lyricist is a successful business man, born in to the collision business, he started a string of automotive shops called Collex Collision Centers in New Jersey. He was the first one to make automotive repair shops plush, and comfortable for the customers with coffee, donuts, and windows overlooking the service area. He was the first to franchise the industry - before even AAMCO. After his many successes, he thought it would be a great way to give back by teaching others what he had learned through a game and song.

Mind Your Own Business

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