Nifty Fifty

Song & Lyrics


© 2019
Lyricist: Josef S.
Genre: Rock
Theme: Birthday


Bravo to all involved with this nifty song🎼👍🏼👍🏼 Love the musical background additions❤️💙I’m also impressed every time I’ve worked with you, you ALWAYS ARE DEPENDABLE and deliver on time! Thanks again and yes we will do more work together!
— Josef Sanders (Palm Springs, CA)

Story Behind the Song

Nifty Fifty was a song created by a father for his daughter. The song was for her 50th birthday. He wanted her to have this special song to go along with the special birthday celebration. He included personal messages that he would express to his daughter throughout her life. Also included in the song are the names of her husband, children, and best friend.

Nifty Fifty

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