On My Knees, Dear


Song & Lyrics


© 2016
Lyricist: Wes W.
Genre: Soft Rock
Theme: Religious/Spiritual


I personally feel that you and your team (composer and singer, etc.) have exceeded my expectations with the final sound. You have indeed put my words reverent growing from the flow of the acoustic guitar and piano at the beginning to adding the drums and bass—the placement of the wind chime was brilliant! The ‘callback’ with the 3rd verse only emphasized the beauty and power of the singer’s voice. Impressive—describes the total product (song) produced by Songmaker Productions! Company found David Hawkins gave individual attention to my song through telephone and emails. Our discussions of my desires for the song (voice, instruments, tempo, etc.) were very specific and made this finished single work of music most pleasing. David and his team are the best in the industry—-the singer is incredible, the musicians world-class and the behind the scene professionals are the best! Many thanks to David and team for making this happen for me.
— Dr. Wes W. (Brunswick, GA)

Story Behind the Song

The lyricist says “my inspiration for writing the song, On My Knees Dear Lord, was greatly influenced by meeting and becoming friends with Dr. Daniel Iverson during my teenage and young adult years. Dr. Iverson wrote the words and posed the music for Spirit of the Living God while an active Presbyterian minister. We became friends and he would explain the Bible and many of the Christian doctrines I was struggling to understand. One morning, several years ago, I literally woke up tapping the melody of my song on the nightstand next to my bed. During about a 3-month time period I wrote my song which was an attitude of prayer trying to articulate a simple sincerity of each person’s search for the Creator.”

On My Knees Dear Lord

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