Shall We Kiss?

Song & Lyrics


© 2014
Lyricist: Ziggy P.
Genre: Acoustic Piano/Guitar
Theme: Love


I really like the has a really lovely, light, happy, feel to it, which was really important to me. I also really like the singer’s voice, which is great as this was one thing I was a little concerned about, as it’s obviously a very personal poem to me, and liking a person’s voice or not is such a subjective thing. I needn’t have worried, though, as she sounds wonderful! Thanks again!
— Zigg P. (Oxfrodshire, United Kingdom)

Story Behind the Song

The story of Shall We Kiss came to be when two people were dancing at a music festival and caught each other’s eye. This song was written by the woman to reflect upon that moment and how this new love is so much more than the love she has experienced in the past. She knows that when it feels right, it feels like ‘home’ and that was what she wanted to convey in this song.

Shall We Kiss?

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