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© 2017
Lyricist: David B.
Genre: Pop
Theme: Story


Thank you very much David! I learned a lot, as well as enjoyed the process of Song Coach. I trust you, so let’s go for it! I am looking forward to explore this further. Thank you so very much! For me, this is a great experience, and learning is a big part of it. I have a lot of poems, and I’m becoming better at it every time I write a new one. You are helping me now to take it to the next level, and turn them into songs, which is truly amazing. I love my song!
— David B. (Bronx, NY)

Story Behind the Song

This lyricist of this song is a Hasidic Jewish Rabbi.  He had never written a song before, but is a prolific writer.  He decided he wanted to try to have his writings turned into a song. He wanted to write a song about humanity and how we're more alike than different.


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