Waffle Queen

Song & Lyrics


© 2018
Lyricist: Mary S.
Genre: Funk
Theme: Jingle


I think it’s genius! It’s just the feel I want super funky and catchy. I’m looking forward to hearing the bridge. I really trust your discretion. I LOVE IT! Wow! It’s so great. I’m super happy. I’ve been dancing around my kitchen for the last 30 minutes and I made my roommate listen to it about 10 times. It’s so cool you have a company with the means to bring ideas to reality!
— Mary S. (Brussels, Belgium)

Story Behind the Song

This song, Waffle Queen, was created by a circus performer/actress in Belgium.  She wanted a song that would be funky and dance-able with some audience participation components. You can hear the "call back" vocals, hand claps, and other features that allow the audience to be involved with her and have a great time with this song!

Waffle Queen

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