Why Do You Love Me?

Song & Lyrics


© 2016
Lyricist: Sharon D.
Genre: Soft Rock
Theme: Holiday & Seasonal


Mike was stunned. We have been playing the song almost nonstop, and sharing it with family and friends. We both LOVE the vocalist, and the guitar, and sax solo. Thank you so much for your patience and flexibility during the process and making the song the best possible.
— Sharon D. (Edgewater, MD)

Story Behind the Song

The song, Why Do You Love Me?, was written by a woman who wanted to write a song about finding love again with her dream guy. It was a long journey, but she was so moved by the experience of losing and then finding love again that she wanted to write about it. Turns out they both felt the same way about each other for a long time and didn't know the other felt that same way!

Why Do You Love Me?

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