Women Speak

Song & Lyrics


© 2017
Lyricist: Linda K.
Genre: Pop
Theme: Inspirational


This was a very pleasant uptick in my day. I love the production, the vocalist, the backing tracks, the rap, and the guitar solo. It’s a unique song that I think is timeless in its message and current in its sound. I know your team put in a lot of hard work into making this special and in the end it was worth the investment for me. Wish I could do it all the time when I hear how great the sound is. But all your productions are great and I’m pleased at every level we have worked at.
— Linda K. (Simi Valley, CA)

Story Behind the Song

The lyricist of Women Speak tells the story of the song from her own words. “I first went to work in the 60's and most of my working was done in the 70's and 80's. I worked in a lot of different companies in many, many positions. I did some bookkeeping, sales, HR, recruitment, advertising, marketing and general management for my brother's pro sound and lighting company (L.A's first DJ type audio video company. Unfortunately I didn't have economic advantages growing up (that's a nice way of saying we were poor). No one in my family had gone to college and it wasn't presented as an option to me. So I took mostly admin type jobs hoping my hard work and ideas would drive me up the ladder. I was definitely capable of handling any assignment given to me and thrived on learning new things and being able to run a business in the absence of any of the business owners I worked for. My work ethic was appreciated within the bounds of what seemed to be an invisible wall inscribed with stereotypical adjectives that applied to women (me). I recognized that they were some women who seemed to be able to overcome these conditions and became doctors, scientists, attorney's, etc. But they were definitely the exception. Perhaps they were pushed or were very self motivated or had connections. Whatever the case the percentage of those women were very low. As the seventies came and I saw the women speaking out, but it wasn't my style and I was busy making a living and raising a son so I didn't join in. But it was certainly necessary and woman did gain much eventually. So I guess you could say these lyrics express my personal experience during a time when women's talents were not appreciated or welcomed. Big strides have been made for sure but there are many parts of the world still in the dark ages in this regard. So I hope whoever may hear this song will be inspired to never give up their personal struggle.”

Women Speak

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