Working My Way Up

Song & Lyrics


© 2016
Lyricist: Govanni C.
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Theme: Story


I like how the song has a really cool beat. My favorite part about working with you guys was when I said the song was a little too slow, you guys made a faster one without a problem. I was inspired to write my lyrics because it was kind of about my mom and dad’s life.
— Govanni C. (Yakima, WA)

Story Behind the Song

YourSongmaker received a call on day from an 11 year old boy. He said “Hi I’m Govanni and I write rap songs.” A few days later, his mom called us. She talked about how good he was at singing and rapping and how he aspires to be a rap artist. She was so encouraging. After discussing for a bit, she decided that she wanted him to be able to produce a song. The producer worked with Govanni directly so his song could turn out just the way he wanted. The song itself is a positive message with some references to his parents’ lives.

Working My Way Up

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