Worth the Drive

Song & Lyrics


© 2010
Lyricist: David A.
Genre: Country/Modern Country
Theme: Wedding


The song is amazing. You all did a superb job. Please pass on my appreciation to all those involved. I am so excited about sharing this with my fiance. She is not going to believe it. After receiving the final, my mind is running wild on what to do with the folder full of the other poems I’ve written. I hope to be back in touch after I’ve paid off wedding expenses.
— David A. (Charleston, SC)

Story Behind the Song

This song, Worth the Drive, tells of the love story of a man and a woman. It talks about how the lyricist hit the road every Friday anxious to see his now wife. The emotional song discusses how he couldn’t wait to drive to see her after each week on the job. The lyricist updated us with how this song went over on their wedding day. He said “my wife was blown away as well as our guests who later told us how amazing and touching was the song. A lot of jaws dropped. As a final mark on the evening, when the reception was coming to a close, the DJ gathered everyone on the dance floor. He then played Worth the Drive one last time as we danced and said our good-byes to friends and family. I have a vivid picture in my mind of us all arm-in-arm swaying to the music and grinning ear-to-ear. The song truly helped make the moment.”

Worth the Drive

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