How Do I Get a Demo?


There are many ways to get a demo started today. If you know any musicians, they can work with you, but they are hard to pin down. You can visit your local studio, and ask them to help, but that often becomes very expensive. You need the following to complete one song:

  • A musician to write the musical chords, melody, and vocals to your song.

  • Help with creating the lyrics to go with the meter (beat) flow. Your lyrics will need to be in song format with verses, choruses, and a bridge.

  • A recording studio that knows what they are doing (again, this can be expensive).

  • A sound engineer and/or a producer who can suggest edits and changes.

This may sound like a daunting list to some. But it doesn’t have to be. YourSongmaker makes it easy and takes all of the pressure off of you to complete the steps above. All you need to do is give us your vision of how you want your song to sound, from your own words, and we will do the rest!

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