General Questions

♪ How long does it take?

From the date you order – you will have a finished, high quality production of your song, with your words, performed and sung by one of our many composing teams - in 14 days! We will email you a 45-second song clip to critique 10 days after you order. You will have 48 hours to critique it. Let us know what you like/don’t like about it, and we will make changes. A few days later, we will send you your completed song!

♪ Do you have rush production?

Yes. We provide a rush production service where you will receive the sample in 5 days and the final production just 2 days later! That is a full week faster than our normal process. The entire process will take 7 days. Click here for rush production.

♪ Do you have vocalists that compose music and sing in other languages?

Yes. Currently we compose songs in English, Hindi, German, and Spanish.

♪ Can I sing or hum a melody of how I want my song to sound and send it to you?

Yes. If you have a means to record audio (cell phone or other device), you can hum it or sing it (no matter how it sounds) and we will be able to compose the music from that melody line. Then simply email the audio file to

♪ I am not a very good writer, can you help me with the words?

Yes. We have two services that can help you, the professional lyricist and song coach. The Professional Lyricist, where you will provide us your story and we will transform it into song format (verses, chorus, and bridge) and send it back to you. Song Coach is where our executive producer will call you on the phone and work with you one on one to work through your words together. Click for Professional Lyricist or Song Coach.

♪ Can you add my words to a song that is already famous or written by someone else?

No. This is copyright infringement. But, we can compose a song for you in the same style of the song you like, and it will be your original song.

♪ Can I give the song as a gift?

Yes. You certainly can! This option is a unique gift for that special music lover in your life! We have two great options for this, our Songmaker Boxes or our Gift Cards.

No. You are not required to, however if you have an idea of genre, tempo, or vocals that you would like us to aim for a similar style, this is the best way to do so. We encourage you to provide us with example popular songs on your order form.

♪ I do not see the type of genre I am looking for, do you do other genres?

Yes. We are here to make your song the way you desire. Simply include in the details of your order form the specialized genre you would like.

♪ Can I add a rapper to my song?

Yes. Click here for rapper upgrade.

♪ Can I add a duet to my song?

Yes. Click here for a duet upgrade.

♪ Can you mail me cd's of my song when it is done?

Yes. We have a five-cd package available for delivery within the U.S. Click here for CDs.

Logistical Questions

♪ Can I put my song up on social media?

Yes. You are more than welcome to post your finalized song on social media. Upon completion, we will provide you links to popular social media that we have posted to your song to as well.

♪ Can I have a band play the song live?

Yes. You certainly can! We have an option where you can purchase sheet music of your song. Click here for sheet music.

♪ Can I sing on the song myself?

Yes. You certainly can! We have an instrumental version, which includes the music (no lyrics) of your song. When you choose this option, we will email you two copies of the song-- one with our vocalist singing your words and one without vocals – just the music. Click here for instrumental version.

♪ Can I change the song if I do not like it?

Yes. You will receive a 45-second song clip (via email) 10 days after you submit your order of how your song sounds so far. You will get to listen to it for 48 hours and email us with your feedback. At that time, let us know how you like it or if you would like us to make a change. Depending on that, we will move forward with the production, or change it according to your feedback.

♪ What if I do not like the song when it is finished?

We have never had a person who was not extremely happy with their song. The 10-day song clip is the way we keep situations like this from occurring and works well. The reason is that we send you a song clip for you to preview so you can provide your personal feedback before we send you the finished production. But, if for whatever reason you are not happy with it when it is done, we can talk about it. Please keep in mind that there may be an additional charge if you are requesting major changes to the final song.

♪ What if I want a vocal change?

After we receive your order form including your example song/s and desired vocals, we choose a composing team (we have about 50 teams across the U.S.), we choose an artist that is close to the sound of the music you desire. If you do not like the vocalist we pick, we can acquire another one for you, however there will be fee associated with this change so we can pay them for the studio time. We strongly encourage you in the order process to tell us what type of vocalist you are looking for in your song.

♪ What if I want a tempo change?

After we receive your order form - including the example song/s you give us as your preference of how you want it to sound (you can choose one famous song with a similar beat/tempo and/or one with the "sound" or style you want) we choose a composing team that will be able to compose it as requested from you. If you do not like the tempo (beat) of your song or are not feeling the "vibe" and just want a flat out redo, there is a charge to make this change. We strongly encourage you to indicate the type of tempo (beat) you would like for your song on the order form to avoid this scenario. It's simply giving us an example of a famous song or two that you like. That's it!

♪ Who owns the song when it is complete?

At YourSongmaker, we believe that everyone involved in the artistic piece should share the ownership rights. Each of us have a direct impact on how the song turns out. There is a three way split and that split is 40% to the lyricist (you), 40% to the composer, and 20% to YourSongmaker. Songmaker Productions aka YourSongmaker will copyright your song when it’s complete naming each of us as partial owners and the above percentages

♪ Can I work with the composing team or musician directly?

No. Well, you could and some other sites will try to pair you with a musician to work with you. Musicians however, are very busy people. A lot of times they’re on the road, in the studio, creating projects (several), playing in bands at night, playing in open mic nights, etc. making it difficult to get in touch with them. Unfortunately, sometimes that happens right in the middle of your project. Here at YourSongmaker, our composers are passionate about what they do and work directly with our executive producer, David. We take all of the burden off of you to get it done – the way you want it in two weeks.

♪ Can I put the song up for sale on social media?

Yes. We encourage sales of your song. Featured songs are always available for purchase through our website and we can provide you with a direct link when listing for sale. If your song did not make the featured songs list, we can still provide you with a link for sales of your song. Please see the Terms of Use for details if you intend to sell your song on your own.

Songmaker Productions, LLC aka YourSongmaker will be responsible for obtaining the copyright of your song at completion. If you are interested in obtaining a copyright certificate, you may order one at the time of the song purchase or after the song is complete.

Purchasing Questions

♪ Can I hear some of the songs YourSongmaker has produced?

Yes. Visit our featured songs page to hear songs of all different types of genres.

♪ Can I purchase songs that I have heard on YourSongmaker website?

Yes, we offer digital downloads of all the songs on our website. You can find them when you visit a song’s specialized page.

♪ Can I purchase sheet music for the songs on the YourSongmaker website?

Yes, for songs that have sheet music available. You can determine if sheet music is available when you visit a song’s specialized page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you can add it right to your cart.

♪ Do you sell licenses to the music I found on your site?

Yes, please contact if you wish to license any of our custom songs.

♪ What makes YourSongmaker different from the other companies out there doing the same thing?

YourSongmaker has been around since 2007. Since the conception of this company, there have been many other companies trying to offer similar services, however, YourSongmaker is the original company and has become a leader in the industry. We cater to the everyday person---those who are not professional musicians or professional writers. We are different because we offer one-to-one service to you. David, the company owner, will personally contact you when you order a song. His main goal is for you to get the song that you want---the way that you want it. He will go out of his way to ensure your needs are met.

♪ Why do you offer the free lyric review?

We offer this service to provide you with a quick glace of your poem or song and let you know which direction you can take. We recognize that not everyone is a professional songwriter, but believe that everyone can write lyrics to a song. Let us help you make it easier by providing you with honest, professional, feedback of your work- at no cost to you.