Six Steps for Writing Remembrance Lyrics

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Writing about someone you knew who passed away in your life can be difficult.  Then there’s writing lyrics about someone you didn’t personally know, but who you may have felt a connection with depending on what they did. 

Either way, it’s tough.  It’s tough because it can be raw emotion coming out that you may have not known was there.  Often times, when we have clients who send us lyrics they are working on and it’s so sad.  It’s sad because if you’ve ever felt the pain of death, you can relate.  You understand how that person is hurting and you can relate to the awful pain and tragedy of loss.  But at the same time, that’s what great lyric writing it all about.  It’s writing about something emotional.  Something from your heart and soul that may or may not help someone else.  Of course, it’s always good if it does, but if not, it’s ok.  If you feel better after writing remembrance lyrics then it worked.  And let me tell you… it works.

Here’s some advice on how to write remembrance lyrics:

  1. Make sure you think about the person and their character.  Their good or funny traits, but also their bad ones.

  2. Try to write them out in sentences, like a story, then choose what you like most about what you just wrote.  It can be anything. If it stuck a chord with you (pun intended) then it should probably go in the song.

  3. Make them memorable and emotional.  Remembrance songs help so many families. 

  4. Write the lyrics in order.  When say write them in order, I mean the order of whatever you are trying to convey with what you want to say.  Don’t start with a random thought, then move to another random thought. 

  5. Have it make sense as to why you are writing about them - remembering they will never hear it.  It’s not for them.  It’s for you and the living.

  6. Make it poignant and classy.  Or funny and ridiculous… whatever you want.  But write about them with respect and love.  Honor them.

Writing remembrance lyrics can be hard, but many times you’ll be surprised by how comforted you can make someone feel with them.

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Are you ready to write lyrics for a remembrance song?

David Hawkins