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Experience the Process


YourSongmaker is a one-of-a-kind service that links you directly with award winning music industry professionals to turn your words and lyrics into a radio quality song. Together our four-step process will make creating your song fun and EASY. Scroll down to learn more.

Step One:


Build Your Song


You will start out by clicking the “Start my Song” in the top menu or below. You will learn the different types of songs we offer. Once you choose which type of song you would like, you will be prompted to complete a form which will allow you to customize your song as much or as little as you choose. Here you will tell us your story or words, choose the genre, tempo, emotions you want the song to convey, male/female voice, and give us some samples of popular music that you like.

Step Two:


Choose Your Plan 


After you have provided us with the basic information, you’ll decide if you want to add any enhancements or additional services to your song. If you choose any of these items, you will be prompted to fill out a form with the details you want included in your custom song.

Step Three:

Review Your Sample


Once you place your order, our executive producer will assign your song to a production team based upon the criteria you provided. Within 10 days of your order, you will receive a 45 second audio sample via email. Once you receive it, you will have the opportunity to approve as is or make changes. It’s that simple! Just let us know and we will process as is or make the changes you request. This is all about your song and having it sound and feel the way you want.

Step Four: 

Get Your Song


Fourteen (14) days after you have placed your order, you will receive a studio-quality, professionally recorded and mixed, custom song created from YOUR words by an expert composer and vocalist.

How it Works

Check out how easy it is to write a song for yourself or someone you love.

 Need Help?


Do you have a poem, vows, love letter, story, or other writings that you would like to turn into a song but are not sure how to do it? We can help you! We offer a quick glance Free Song Review, Professional Lyricist, and Song Coach.

Professional Lyricist

We will you take your story (in any form) and rewrite it in song format. This includes rhyming, syllable count, matching stanza lines, song length, and having your story make sense in song. We will send it to you for review, make any changes you request, and you will have a full set of lyrics from your own story. This service works with your words only. This service is great when coupled with a full or acoustic song, but can be used independently

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Song Coach
from 49.00

Song Coach sessions are sold in 30 minute increments. Just adjust the amount of time you would like accordingly. With this service, our executive producer, David, will personally call you and work on your lyrics to make your words in to song format. He'll discuss your words and the story you wish to convey through song. With this service you get to be in total control of what you want to say in your song. After the call, you will be emailed your lyrics.

Session Time:
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