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Full Custom Song

The Full Custom Instrumental Song includes a variety of musical instruments.  The vocalist singing will be accompanied by a variety of different instruments that you can choose or we can help you. With the Full Song, you will choose the genre, emotions, sound effects, best, and desired sound. Your final song will be 2 - 4 minutes long.

Acoustic Custom Song

The Acoustic Custom Song is played without the use of electronic amplification equipment. The vocalist singing your song will be accompanied by your choice of an acoustic guitar or piano. With an Acoustic Song, you choose genre, emotions, voice gender, beat, and desired sound. Your final song will be approximately 2 to 3 minutes long.


All of our songs come with a professional singer, but sometimes, you are looking for a little bit more. Do you want to upgrade your vocals to include an extra special touch?

Vocal Upgrade: Duet

We have a vast array of professional male and female vocalists who can add that extra dimension to your song with a duet.  You will choose gender vocalists you would like.

Vocal Upgrade: Rap Artist

We have extremely talented rap artists who work with us and can bring your words to life in a way you never thought possible. You will choose what gender rapper you would like. 

Help with Your Lyrics?


Do you need some help with your lyrics? We have two different options to help you.

Song Coach
from 49.00

Song Coach sessions are sold in 30 minute increments. Just adjust the amount of time you would like accordingly. With this service, our executive producer, David, will personally call you and work on your lyrics to make your words in to song format. He'll discuss your words and the story you wish to convey through song. With this service you get to be in total control of what you want to say in your song. After the call, you will be emailed your lyrics.

Professional Lyricist

We will you take your story (in any form) and rewrite it in song format. This includes rhyming, syllable count, matching stanza lines, song length, and having your story make sense in song. We will send it to you for review, make any changes you request, and you will have a full set of lyrics from your own story. This service works with your words only. This service is great when coupled with a full or acoustic song, but can be used independently



Decide what additional items you would like to add to your song to enhance your experience.

Music Video

The Music Video is created using your own custom images and/or video. This is a very personal touch and can be very emotional and powerful once completed. This option can be purchased with the creation of your song or with the download of one of our featured songs. Visit our YouTube page to see some examples:

Instrumental Version

The Instrumental Version accompanies the full or acoustic version of your song with music only—we remove the vocal track so you can use it live and sing it yourself, or have someone else sing it. Also it is a great high quality production to take to your local studio.

Sheet Music

Once the song is complete, our composer can create the sheet music to match your song. This can be very personal, suitable for framing, and a great accompaniment to the song. It can also be used to perform your song live or to sing along with the instrumental version.

Compact Discs (5 pack)

Five (5) CDs of the final version of your song

Copyright Certificate

This is for a digital copyright certificate for your custom song.

 Need it Fast ?


Song production takes two weeks total. We provide you with your sample ten (10) days after your order and the final three (3) days after your approval. Do you need it quicker?

Rush Production

Rush Production will get you your song sample within 5 days (vs. 10 days normally) and the final song composed, produced, mastered, and delivered to you within 3 days of your review of the sample.