It's Jazz Time

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The genre of jazz came out of the blues. Although the sound of jazz is different from the blues, it has its similarities. Think of jazz as the blues smarter classmate. They know more than you because they studied harder and can answer questions faster. Jazz is highly improvisational, and relies heavily on the knowledge of music theory as you are playing. You need to know how to play your instrument well if you want to play jazz. Due to the intricate nature of the music it’s imperative to know the notes, scales, chords, and beats. In addition to all of that, you need to know the dynamic feeling in order to sit in with a jazz band and hold your own. If you ask a music historian what the first jazz recording was, they would probably say Original Dixieland Jazz Band. They made the first jazz recording in 1917 called “Livery Stable Blues”. You can find out how different jazz sounds from the blues by some online comparisons.

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Wonderful Son


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