Anniversary Song- Make it Personal!


Anniversaries are a time when you celebrate finding your person and marking the moment (usually) with dinner, a movie, or some type of vacation. There are other traditions of course, but after years together with them… and possibly some kids… it’s one of the times you look forward to because it’s just the two of you. That moment can be amplified in a very loving way by writing a song for your mate.

Through the years we have composed many anniversary songs. One memorable one was for a client from Las Vegas, NV. He was the first one ever to buy a billboard to propose to his wife back in the 1980’s. It was all over the news and then other people started doing it. He called one day and said he’s trying to top that one for his loving wife. He said he thought a song may do that. He was correct. We worked on it and it came out great… his wife loved it and showed it off to all of her friends. You can hear the song here (Kelly, Kelly, Kelly). He talks about the years of love, their kids, and tells her happy anniversary. It’s very specific to their relationship. I find those are the best anniversary songs.

Here’s some tips on how to create lyrics for you own anniversary song;

  • Think about what you want to say. Try not to make is cliché. Tell them what you feel and thank them for all the years. Yes, tell them you love them, but write out why.

  • Try to give some thought to what they like most about you and what you like most about them. Start writing or typing that out, it will give you a good base for the start of the song.

  • Go way back, to the time you met. Write about the early days and what was fun, then write about some poignant or important life events you had with them.

  • Start forming sentences then rhyme- the last two words of every two lines – with a total of about 6 – 8 lines. There are many ways to write lyrics, but this is a good place to start. Check out our Rhyming the Words blog for more help.

  • Count the syllables and make sure they are around the same amount for each line.

  • Have your song composed in the style of music you both like because you will be listening to it for a long time.

  • Use names and family members. It makes it more personal.

Writing a song for your anniversary is different. It’s something your partner will not expect. But we often hear it’s the greatest gift they’ve ever given or received. When you see their face, you’ll know.

David Hawkins