Wedding Vows to Song Lyrics


Vows are some of the most loving words you will ever say to another person. You tell them why you love them and why they mean so much to you. Yet, it’s sort of like a one and done type of situation. Think about when the next time you will get that deep with your partner. When will you tell them (that in depth) how you feel about them again? Wedding vows as sacred. I’ve been to a lot of weddings and every single time they are so different. Some are powerful and emotional. Some are funny and exuberant. Some are short and some are long. But they all have one thing in common – they are the truth and they are important.

Converting your vows in to a song is not as hard as you may think. Half the battle is already won because you did most of the work by being honest and loving about why you want to marry your person.

Here are some steps to help you turn your vows in to song lyrics:

  1. Whatever you write, short or long, they will work as lyrics. The most important thing is that they are really how you feel.

  2. Since the vows are usually not that long, they make a great start for a song. Take what you’re writing and start to form sentences, rhyming the last word of every two sentences. It’s ok if they are not exactly as you wrote them that day. Or… they can be exactly how you wrote them that day. A good songwriter will make them work.

  3. Think about the music – how would your partner like it to sound? After all, your vows are to them… so you’ll want them to listen to and like the song you have created. It should be in a style of music they like.

  4. Whether you have serious vows or funny vows, try to do the best to keep it close to what you penned that day, because your partner will remember them. When they listen to the song you create for them that moment will come rushing back.

Wedding vows are something everyone should get to write in their life at some point. If you are looking for and find love, they mean so much to the other person. I can tell you this… if/when you have them created into song and present it to them, you will see their face change in front of your eyes in the best way once they find out this song is for them. And to top it off, it’s the loving words you said to their on your special day. It’s amazing and powerful. You will never forget the look on their face as they realize what you’ve done for them.

David Hawkins