Authors...This One is for You


I get it. I know why you write. Besides the fact that you can be (or write about someone who can be) anything, anywhere, at any time and change the whole story by pivoting to a totally different thought with the stroke of the pen or keyboard – it’s emotional and powerful on an intimate level.

You get to share your brain for a while with someone whom you may or may not know. It’s crazy to think about. Like who is reading this right now? Chances are good I do not know you and you do not know me. But you are reading this because of the thirst for knowledge. I do the same thing every day. Think about how far back writing goes and why people were/are drawn to it. I feel like there’s a certain mode you get in to when writing. It’s almost like a trance (in a way) when you’re really cooking and the words are coming to you quickly without really thinking about them or trying to determine if they are making sense or not. It’s fun and you feel alive! If I were not a songwriter, I would have been an author. I love reading when I can and good authors are like magic. Authors can take you on an emotional voyage using only words. Words are strong. Remember that childhood phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? I refute that. Words are powerful. So powerful in fact that some of the most important times in human history have revolved around written words.

But I digress. I wanted to let you authors out there know, there is another level to your fascinating mind. It’s lyric writing. Those important words you pen or type are some of the coolest songs ever composed. Here at YourSongmaker we have composed many songs for authors over the years. It’s an awesome addition to your writings. The coolest thing I think about when I read is how vivid of a picture some authors can put in my mind. A song does the same thing. But with more colors.

Check out some songs we have produced for authors from our featured songs page.

Cri de Couer
Karlson’s Song

Do you have a writing you want to test the waters with?

David Hawkins