Are Jingles Valid Anymore?


This question pains me a bit to answer as a musician and producer.  The one-word answer is yes.  But it’s slightly more complicated than that.

Jingles used to be king!  If you check out our blog How to Write Jingles for A Company, you’ll see what the top ten jingles/commercials in modern times are.  But things have changed.  Today’s technology is making it easy to get people’s attention with very good-looking short video using stock images and stock generic music pieces (pre-recoded digital music files in large numbers).  If you are unaware of the term “stock” it means it’s created without a specific company, product, or service in mind.  A subject is chosen, like “sunny day”, then the artist, musician, videographer, etc., creates the images or music from what they determine to be correct images or sound.

The jingle is fading, losing ground to short internet sound bites and factory presets, and other music not intended to sell the product from the start.  It’s not custom, but to some internet companies and YouTubers, it works just fine.  Personally, I think custom work in any form of media is obviously better.  It can be more expensive, but it’s worth it.

The good news is that technology is always changing, growing, and flowing.  Due to the fact that history is known to repeat itself in life, I imagine the jingle will be born in some form.  It’s been happening for a while already with very short, simple, melodic, note lines that big corporations are using in their ads.  Those few notes are recognizable to consumers because they are inundated with commercials on tv, radio, and the web.  They have the money to do it and know the power of music.

In my opinion the jingle is still valid and always will be.  It’s weak at the moment, but it’s still there and you will hear it just about every day if you are in the “plugged in” world. So, if you have a business or a company, you may want to consider a jingle for a product or your company.

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