How Long Should a Company Jingle Be?


In my last blog, I talk about company jingles and best practices when writing them lyrically.  This article will be short.  Just like your jingle should be.

A company jingle can vary greatly in time length--but within a very short amount of time--if that makes sense.  In other words, anywhere from 5 – 60 seconds, with the sweet spot (today) being around 15 – 25 seconds.  The length of time has to do with the way people use technology today.  We’re all busy and a good portion of us now use technology as our tv, radio, gaming console, and yes… music production.  The devices are getting smaller, smarter, and better every year. 

Think about how you use your cell phone or iPad.  You’re scrolling quickly through websites or social media.  The consumer today is quick to figure out if they may be interested in your product or service with a quick glance.  BUT – if they stop on it, if they read it, or hear it - they engage with it and are more inclined to check you out.  So, it’s not just the jingle today.  It’s the eye-catching words or images in the form or video or photos.  The once mighty jingle is secondary now.  On the web, see it then hear it is the order it usually happens.

The jingle has not changed much over the years.  It can still be important to have a catchy jingle.  It helps.  But today it needs to be short, catchy, and engaging for the potential customer who stops on your ad, post, website, commercial (radio or tv), etc. 

In short… make the jingle lyrics short.  One line, 4 – 6 words, 6 – 12 syllables. There are countless ways to change that up.  But a lot of jingle ads use that form.  It’s not as hard as you may think to create great jingle lyrics.  Creativity and thoughtfulness go a long way when creating jingles!

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