How to Write Religious Lyrics


We get a good amount of songs about religion.  All different types of religions.  The best thing about producing these types of songs for people is that they are very passionate.  It doesn’t matter what religion you are… the writing style is similar.

Religious songs come in many forms.  There are ones with very few words (repeating) and ones with lots or words.  But for this blog today we’ll look at how to write lyrics for a short religious song.

The thing you want to think about most is what you want to say about your God?  What has your God helped you with in the past, or present.  What do you want to say to your God?  What do you want others to know about your God?  What is the best way you think of to tell others about the religion from which you draw your strength?  There is really no incorrect way to write religious lyrics.  They all depend on what you think of your religion and what you want the production team to write about or sing about.

There are also many styles of religious songs.  All you have to do is a Google search for different types of religious songs and you will see what I mean.  Religious songs can be powerful and meaningful.  They can express the joy of life and practicing your spirituality to make it through. 

I was going to list some famous religious songs in this blog, but there are A LOT.  I’m sure you know how you want your religious song to sound (if not you can talk about it with a composer), but I feel like the most important part of this blog is to tell you to write from your heart about how you feel.  That’s a good rule to follow with any song, but especially religious songs!

Check out some of our religious songs in different genres. We have several more on our Featured Song page.

On My Knees Dear Lord

Are you ready to try to write your own religious song?

David Hawkins