Writing Lyrics for Your Wedding Song


It’s amazing how many people I hear from that say this (in some form) “hi, I’m contacting you to find out if you can help me write a song for my brother, daughter, son, bride… etc.”  It’s usually the same story.  They need to pick a song for the first dance or some other dance - but it stresses them out to try to pick something that a famous singer/songwriter wrote for someone else!  Most of the time, part of the lyrics doesn’t fit at all. 

It’s rare that people can find a song saying exactly what they want to say in that emotional moment with their loved one.  I love getting these types of calls and emails because I know what we do for them is going to make them cry in the best way possible.  Do you know why?  Because the words come from their own heart.  Plus, there are very descriptive words you can use to let the person know exactly why you love them so much.  Sometimes the words can have funny moments, sometimes they are happy moments, but most times the song is touching and emotional and makes the person (and guests) cry, because they feel the love in the words.  The song says what they have felt forever and brings it to life in one very magical few minutes.

Here’s some tips on writing your own song for your wedding, or for your son or daughter’s first dance:

·        Be real.  Write the lyrics as you would if you were speaking to them normally.  Use your own style, it works very well.  Don’t try to be a poet if you are not.  Just tell them how you feel.

·        Use phrases or words that you both will know.  They can be funny, sad, touching, happy, or proud – but whatever they are, write them in a way where they are heartfelt and emotional.

·        When thinking of what to write about, think about some loving times or important moments in your lives together.  Try to write them out in a way that’s to the point so it can fit in the song.  They will know.  It doesn’t matter if no one else knows.

·        Tell them you love them in the song.  Let the person know how you feel about them in one of the most important moments in their life.  Encourage them, and when possible (if you want) use the name of the person in your song. It makes it more personal.

·        Keep it short.  Remember, chances are you’ll be dancing to this song.  No one wants to be up there for 5 minutes dancing and the guests don’t want to watch you dance for 5 minutes.  They want to dance too!

I hope this blog has inspired you to write your own song for a wedding you will be attending.  It doesn’t just need to be for your son, or daughter, or bride, or groom.  We have had bridal parties get together and write a song about their special couple.  I really like those because it often times ends up funny or sexy funky and it’s always a hit with the guests.  Sometimes they will choreograph a dance to go along with it… which I’m still on the cheese fence about, but hey, whatever floats you wedding boat!

Try writing your own wedding lyrics and make it a song in the style of music the person loves.  Most likely you will be very surprised of the positive reaction you get!

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