Song & Lyrics


© 2018
Lyricist: Linda K.
Genre: Acoustic Piano/Guitar
Theme: Spiritual/Religious Song


Wow, I don’t know what is involved in mixing but you really did something amazing. It’s sounds really great! I liked it before but this one I really, really, love. You were able to bring forward the vocal and in doing that even the piano stands out in a different way. This is a special song for me. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to post it to my Facebook and share.
— Linda K. (Wherever, CA)

Story Behind the Song

Even the most faithful can experience problems throughout life. The lyricist has developed a special personal relationship with God. She feels that through prayer, he is compassionate, merciful, and powerful. She believes that when you throw your burdens onto him, he will strengthen you. Her inspiration for this song began as she contemplated the times in which life has been difficult for her and that she turned to God for guidance.


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