Song & Lyrics


© 2012
Lyricist: Dennis R.
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Theme: Memorial & Remembrance


The end product was good. I really liked the melody and how the composer fit the verses in. I totally understand that a poem doesn’t translate directly to a song, so some changes are sometimes necessary. My wife really liked it. The subject is obviously an emotional one since he passed so recently...but I think even with time, it will be a good remembrance song for him for her. I will definitely be back when I have another poem to share. Thanks for all your good work.
— Dennis R. (Wheaton, IL)

Story Behind the Song

The lyricist created a poem from the eulogies written by his wife and sister that were used in his father-in-law’s funeral services. He added several of the phrases directly from their words to keep it as close to what they said as possible. He felt that it was important to keep their words as true to what they said as possible.


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