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© 2015
Lyricist: Jen C.
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Theme: Relationship


Thanks so much David, I just love it! I was so pleased with the result—the process was professionally managed from beginning to end. The song was delivered on time and exceeded all my expectations. I’m so impressed at what a great job you and your team were able to do with what I consider to be relatively limited information from me—you guys really hit the nail on the head! My partner was completely blown away. It’s hard to think of more personalized gift than a custom song—no doubt I am going to have a very difficult time beating that one at Christmas time! The production sounds so professional, and like I said before, I just love the vocalist, she has an amazing voice (I sure wish I could sing like that lol!) Thanks again for such a polished product, and delivered right on schedule at that. Much appreciated and hope to work with you again in the future! Cheers!
— Jen C. (Toronto, Ontario)

Story Behind the Song

The song Stay tells of a story of love. The lyricist wanted to give her boyfriend something extra special for his birthday. She wanted to express to him how much and how deeply she loves him.


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