The Silver Fox

Song & Lyrics


© 2012
Lyricist: David Hawkins
Genre: Rock
Theme: Story


Great song! I love it, thank you!
— Matthew Silver (New York NY)

Story Behind the Song

The owner of YourSongmaker saw Matthew Silver on YouTube one day and was intrigued by him. At first he thought it was a person with a mental illness dancing around the streets of N.Y. making fart noises. And although he did/does do that, he also has an important message to humanity. It's love. He's a method actor who acts like a fool, to teach all of us a lesson in a child-like way. He teaches us to love and not hate, to know that life is beautiful and should be fun. We take ourselves too seriously. Matthew Silver has gained a large following by doing what he does best - love others.

The Silver Fox

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